Starcraft 2 Cheesing: Playing Opossum

Hello everyone, AtlantanKnight here. I’ve always been a big fan of RTS games, and Starcraft has always been one of the classics. I remember playing the original Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood War when I was younger, running around with zealots and pretty much just playing poorly.

Nowadays, I have Starcraft 2 and I still suck, so I guess some things never change. I’m hoping to create a bit of a blog series here where I discuss some common or innovative strategies used to cheese in Starcraft 2. For those unaware, “cheesing” is when people make unorthodox moves in the game in an attempt to win. Usually cheesing fails epically — and comically so — but when it succeeds it can be equally epic and thoroughly infuriating to your opponent.

The first cheesing strategy I’ve decided to talk about is “playing opossum”. I first saw this particular strategy on this YouTube video from LifesAGlitchTV. The only requirements for playing opossum to be executed properly are as follows: you must be Terran, and the map you are playing on must have somewhere you can float your command center to without anyone on the ground seeing you. Also, you cannot say anything whatsoever in the chat to your opponent, not “glhf” or anything else, and don’t answer back if he starts asking where you are or if you’re afk.

Here are the detailed steps/build order for how to execute the strategy:

  1. Build an SCV.
  2. Send another SCV to wherever you want to build your second command center, but it has to be out of the main path between you and your enemy.
  3. With exactly 6 SCVs (equal to the starting amount) at your main base, start farming minerals up to 400. Once you get to 400, immediately build your second command center with your separated SCV.
  4. Stop mining with the other 6 SCVs. Arrange them in a crescent pattern facing your minerals in the same pattern the SCVs start the game in. Don’t touch anything in your main base ever again.
  5. Once the second CC finishes, load your last SCV into it and float off to some obscure corner of the map where no ground units can see you.
  6. Now you just wait and see what happens. They’ll kill your main base thinking you’re afk, then stop really confused when they realize the game is still going on. Usually they’ll start foraging the map to see where you’ve gone.

If all goes well, they will be confused to the point that they will eventually quit the game. I tried this strategy myself 3 times on the Heart of the Swarm map Dash and Terminal, and I ended up with a 1-1-1 record. The first game was the successful one; this poor Terran player searched the entire map (he thought) but never found me. My second game, a Protoss player actually managed to find me, and the third game ended in a draw because, well, I guess the other guy got bored with searching for me and I wasn’t actually paying attention, so I didn’t land.

Anyways, expect to see a lot more Starcraft posts in the future. I’ve been playing it a ton lately.



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