Upcoming Games: War of Rights

War of Rights is an upcoming historical first-person shooter being developed by Campfire Games. It’s set during the American Civil War, and it looks really freakin’ awesome.

I first learned of this game this morning (literally, this morning) from this YouTube video, and just from that snippet of not-even-real-gameplay gameplay, there are quite a few things to notice. First off, the game looks gorgeous for a game of this scale. The map is apparently 3km by 3km at a 1:1 scale. That’s absurdly massive for a FPS map even in comparison to the largest Battlefield maps. It makes Call of Duty maps look like children’s sandboxes. The physics in War of Rights seem to be simple at the moment, but hell, it’s set in the 1860’s. It should be decently easy to make game physics when you don’t have to worry about tanks or planes and other modern machinery.

Personally, I love history, so the chance to play a game where you can have a true historical experience appeals greatly to me. When the massive game developers try to make a historical game, it tends to devolve into a grotesquely inaccurate representation of its time period, especially in multiplayer. Battlefield 1, for instance, is already turning into a very unorganized game in terms of multiplayer combat whereas the First World War would have mostly been carefully planned assaults and trench warfare. I have a great deal of hope for War of Rights since the people playing it at the moment seem to be mostly roleplaying, and I think people will more or less have to roleplay anyways since foraging across the battlefield on your own will almost certainly result in insta-death when coming across any large opposing force.

War of Rights is currently in a technical alpha. They have released two maps to the Kickstarter backers, a Union training camp and a Confederate training camp, and they are currently developing 4 maps that were historically sites of battles during the 1862 Maryland Campaign. Hopefully this game will continue to get developed as it receives more exposure from YouTubers and word-of-mouth.

The game’s Kickstarter trailer can be seen here.




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