Must-Eat Food: Toasted Ravioli

If you’ve had toasted ravioli before, you’ll know why I’m making this post. If you haven’t had toasted ravioli, then you need to go find yourself some toasted ravs!

Toasted ravioli is somewhat of a delicacy in the city of St. Louis, Missouri, but it’s definitely not a delicacy in the sense that it’s some high-and-refined food or anything. Toasted ravs are literally just fried ravioli. The picture here depicts some clearly luxurious toasted ravs with marinara on wax paper that I ate at the Saint Louis Zoo a couple years ago (which is also a fantastic place to visit; that’s another story).

I genuinely don’t know how to describe toasted ravs beyond what I’ve said already (fried ravioli). They can be any type of ravioli: cheese, meat, or otherwise. They can be crunchy or a bit soggy depending on where you’re getting them and how exactly they’re prepared, but they are usually served with marinara sauce on the side. I can’t remember if you eat them with a fork in the restaurants or not, but at more casual eateries such as at the zoo or at a sporting event, you needn’t worry about utensils.

Another thing to note is that I haven’t really seen these outside of St. Louis, so you’ll need to make the most of your visit if you ever go there. The best place for toasted ravioli or any other kind of Italian cuisine in St. Louis is definitely The Hill. The Hill is St. Louis’ historic Italian neighborhood and one of America’s great bastions of authentic Italian food, so I highly recommend stopping by even if you aren’t particularly interested in the toasted ravs. But if you are interested, and if you do happen to be in St. Louis or any other place fortunate enough to have toasted ravioli… TRY SOME!


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