Team Fortress 2: Further Thoughts on Abandonment and the Newest Update

A couple of days ago, I made this post listing some of my grievances with the surge of match abandonment that has come with the new competitive mode in Team Fortress 2. Surely enough, the update which came on the same night as my post included my third point and gave a slight bonus to players who complete a match (players now receive slightly more experience for a win than they will lose for a loss). I’ve already observed some positive effects from the new experience mechanic, and hopefully more will come.

Unfortunately, the root of the problem still exists. These past two days I’ve played some more games, and half of my wins still end up getting voided due to abandons. The real reason for me making this post, however, is what someone just said after an abandon in my last game: “WHO CARES ABOUT THE POINTS? IT’S A GAME. PLEASE JUST STAY AND HAVE FUN.” The fact of the matter is that Team Fortress 2 shouldn’t be all about ranking up and gaining experience. It should be about having fun. If someone leaves your match twenty minutes into a game, please don’t follow suit. Just stay and finish the game. You might not get any rank progress, but at least you can have some honest fun and avoid wasting twenty minutes of your life.


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