Defending Against Starcraft 2 Cheesing: What to Do When They’re Playing Opossum

A couple weeks ago, I posted the Terran Starcraft 2 cheesing strategy I call “Playing Opossum“. Before moving on to a new strategy, I may as well describe the best ways to counter the opossum strat.

There are two things that need to happen or you’ll never win:

  1. Realize that your opponent is playing opossum. If they just have 6 SCVs or their SCVs are idle, then your opponent is either afk or cheesing. Once you destroy their command center and the game continues, you should immediately realize that they are cheesing. Don’t waste too much time scouring the map for proxies (although you still should), just start finding spots where their comm center could be hidden.
  2. Make offensive air units. Phoenixes for Protoss, Mutalisks for Zerg, and Vikings for Terran. Search the edges of the map and keep spiraling inwards from there. Eventually, you should find the renegade command center. Just make sure to watch carefully; when I succeeded with this strategy myself, my opponent’s Vikings brushed my command center’s line of sight, but for some reason it didn’t appear on their minimap.

That’s pretty much it (simple enough, right?). Just stay vigilant out there and don’t take anything for granted. Players in the lower tiers do funny stuff sometimes.


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