Euro Truck Simulator 2: Initial Thoughts (and the 2017 Winter Steam Sale)

I meant for this to be a post about Euro Truck Simulator 2 (which I will henceforth refer to as “ETS2”), but I’ll take a moment here to address the entire 2016-17 Winter Steam Sale as well. I spent about $20 during the sale. I bought ETS2, Saints Row: The Third, and DLC for Europa Universalis IV. All-in-all, I don’t have much of a problem with the sale, but I wish there had been more specials where games would go 90% off for a few hours or something of that nature instead of just being a flat 50% off all sale, as most games were. I also enjoyed the Steam awards… although Europa Universalis IV 100% should have won the “just five more minutes” award.

As for ETS2… well, where to begin? It’s fantastic! Or at least it seems to be thus far. Nothing in particular really stands out. The graphics are average. The cities aren’t very filled-out (not compared to what I’ve seen from the newer American Truck Simulator). The AI drivers can be idiotic sometimes. But for all those minor shortcomings, the game still does some magic.

All you can really do in the game is drive the truck. While the idea may seem boring, it’s really quite fun. ETS2 isn’t exactly the most exhilarating game in the world, but it may be one of the most relaxing ones. I think to enjoy ETS 2, you only need two basic things: a love (or at least not a hate) for the open road, and a fair amount of free times (say a half hour chunk or so). I discovered the game mainly through its impressively high rating on Steam and YouTube videos, and it’s really starting to grow on me. It’s one thing to watch someone drive around telling jokes on their YouTube let’s play; it’s quite another to drive around bouncing off guardrails on a rainy Scottish night for yourself. I’ll  be sure to post more about ETS2 in the future.

My initial rating for ETS2: 8.75/10



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