Winter Storm Helena Approaching the South

This post is meant for people in Georgia/Atlanta only, so I apologize to the rest of you.

With a snowstorm fast approaching, now seems to be a decent time to talk about how to prepare and what to expect. According to this release from the National Weather Service (published to, a band of Metro Atlanta is likely to receive 2-3 inches of snow accumulation, with higher amounts possible in spots. Obviously, that doesn’t sound like a ton… but this is Georgia. That’s quite a bit. However, seeing as how yesterday they said it’d only be an inch or less, and now they’re saying 2-3 inches, I’m going to go ahead and assume we’ll have 3-5 inches.

Now I’ve never driven in the snow; I don’t plan to this weekend. Most Georgians aren’t experienced winter drivers. My main point in making this post is: have fun, but be safe. Watch for black ice. Drive slowly. Be mindful, even if you are an experienced winter driver, that most people around you are likely inexperienced and nervous. Also, stock up on anything you may need for the weekend ASAP because everyone will panic and raid the stores on Friday when it’s apparent that the snow is coming.

Anyways, here’s to a wintery weekend! Make sure to tweet pictures of your snowmen/winter landscape to me at @ATLknight7.


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