My 2017 New Year’s Return to TF2: Bot Replacement and The W+M1 Experiment

Up until this week, I’d not played Team Fortress 2 for some three months. I was inspired to play a match a few days ago, and I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised by the new bot replacement mechanic for players that leave competitive matches. Some of my thoughts expressed in this and the previous update seem somewhat irrelevant now with the bot replacement and continuation of matches after an abandon. Still, the bot I had in my one match that got abandoned was atrocious, so it’s not exactly a perfect fix.

Two days ago, one of my friends asked me to play TF2, so I went ahead and hopped on. Sadly, my framerate was pathetic (a woefully common occurrence), my internet connection was spotty, and I was trying to multitask and play Madden 17 at the same time. The only solution? I must play only pyro. I must w+m1. For those unaware, w+m1 just means that you use only the flamethrower and hold down the attack button while running around. For this experiment, we were admittedly playing in Casual Mode, but like I said, I was playing Madden at the same time. It wasn’t as easy as you might think.

Ultimately, we played a couple King of the Hill matches on Suijin. I made a rule where I had to begin holding down the attack button as soon as I exited spawn. I also couldn’t use any other weapons unless I ran out of ammo, and I didn’t allow myself to airblast (apologies to my teammates). I finished second on the team in both points and damage.

Experiment successful.


3 thoughts on “My 2017 New Year’s Return to TF2: Bot Replacement and The W+M1 Experiment

  1. TF2 is also a game I’m constantly in and out of, with myself as of now, having not played in many months. But it’s always fun to return to an updated multiplayer game to see what’s changed, so maybe I should head back to play a few rounds.

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