Why Do Southerners Seem to Get so Excited About Snow?

Why does everyone seem to love the white stuff? Sure, maybe people in cities like Atlanta dislike the traffic debacles snow causes, and no one loves having to shovel a driveway. But Southerners do seem to get a little giddy when snow is in the forecast.

The simple answer: people like things that are different. Here in Georgia and other Southern states, we get a proper snow only once every few years. I can personally count on one hand the number of snowstorms I can recall where we got over three inches of snow. Snow is the one type of weather that seems to change the entire landscape. Where rain just makes trees into soggy trees, snow makes trees into winter dancers swaying in the wind. Where rain makes grassy fields into mushy mud flats, snow makes fields into blank canvasses for snow angels. Where rain clogs storm drains, snow creates snowmen.

I guess what I’m getting at is… don’t make fun of the Southerners right now who are alll giddy about Winter Storm Helena. I’m sure they’re just trying to have a good time.


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