How to Play Team Fortress 2 with a Crappy Framerate

Now I’m not saying that I’m amazing at TF2 (far from it), but I’m starting to get a pretty good idea of how to play with my abysmal framerate. I’m not exactly sure as to what my framerate may be, but I think it’s safe to say that it’s abysmally low. At the very least, I’ve learned that playing scout, sniper, or soldier is utterly hopeless. Also, scouts seem to teleport across the screen when they’ll double/triple jumping in front of me.

So what does that leave to play in TF2 if I can’t play a third of the classes? While I’ve found that demoman is also playable with a poor framerate, it’s not as easy to hit grenades properly when the other players appear to be teleporting or moving erratically.Also, I’m not very good at spy or engineer, but I’d imagine they’re pretty decent to play with no matter what your framerate happens to be. That leaves pyro, medic, and heavy.

I’m a pyro main for two reasons: fire seems to be fun, and my framerate doesn’t allow me to play half the other classes. As pyro, the w+m1 strategy can prove highly effective during periods of low framerates, and as long as you are also airblasting, no one seems to care much, even in competitive mode. Now ideally as a pyro you want to be able to use your flare gun as well, but that’s generally not a possibility while having a poor framerate unless you’re shooting at stationary snipers or slow-moving heavies.

Medic is also simple to play. Just hold down the heal button and you’ll be able to ride out the peiod of low framerate. I understand that’s not particularly fun for most people, but if you want to play TF2 with friends and you have a terrible framerate, then medic is one of the easier options. Just get one of your friends to play a power class, and pocket heal them (sidenote: refrain from doing this if you’re the only medic and other people need healing).

And with heavy, you just need to watch out for scouts. I’ve tried playing heavy while my framerate has been particularly poor, and one of two things happens: you play a fairly standard heavy game, or soldiers and scouts rip you to pieces. It’s generally difficult enough while playing heavy normally in TF2 since they’re so slow, but when the game punishes your computer with low framerates, playing heavy can be a nightmare. I say it’s an option since it’s still more-or-less normal heavy gameplay, but you need to be aware of the composition of the other team. If they have 4+ scouts/heavies, I’d refrain from playing heavy.

Anyways, I hope this helps! Stop playing the other classes with your crappy framerate! Get a better computer!



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