Will Basketball Replace Football and Baseball as America’s Top Sport?

I haven’t posted for awhile, and honestly, I was just wanting to make any sort of basketball post. I’ve been playing a ton of basketball lately. It’s a fun game.

However, as the title says, I want to know if it can not just be a fun game, but the fun game. Anyone who follows me on Twitter (@ATLknight7) obviously knows how much I adore soccer and the local club, Atlanta United, and I really do think soccer’s time is coming… just not yet. But the tides are shifting in American sports culture. 

Millenials are the generation which will determine which sport is the most popular in a few years when they are the largest television demographic, and quite frankly, a lot of millenials find baseball boring. I agree with them to the point that there are more exciting sports, but I usually watch baseball to relax, not to “get hype”. Millenials don’t generally watch baseball to relax, or even tv at all; they watch Netflix.

The problem on the football side is a bit different. Concussion awareness is good for keeping people safe, but it’s ruining the future of the game. People may love to watch football, but parents don’t want their kids playing football anymore. The effect isn’t going to be immediate, but as more and more good atheletes turn down football in favor of basketball and soccer, the quality on the field will decline. Football will be a business with a poor product, and Americans won’t pay to watch a bad show.

Now, what about basketball? It’s 1) exciting and 2) safe. Yes, you can get injured terribly playing basketball, but it’s not as common as football injuries. Moreover, basketball players don’t suffer from repetitive head trauma like football players do since basketball is a sport which is generally played upright. Basketball also doesn’t have any problem exciting its fans; we see that every NBA seasons, and we especially see that with NCAA’s annual March Madness tournament. Basketball is electric. The fans love it.

So what is preventing basketball from overtaking football and baseball? In my mind, nothing but time. 


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