Fallout Shelter Is More Fun Now Than Ever Before

Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout Shelter became a hit the very night it was announced and released at E3 2015. The title is part of the normal base-building mobile game genre, but Fallout Shelter is also extremely unique since instead of building a village like most games, you are constructing a Vault-Tec vault in the setting of the Fallout universe.

Personally speaking, I love everything to do with Fallout, and I think the game is great. I recently picked it up again for the first time since its original release in 2015, and I am happy to see that Bethesda has kept developing it since then. Fallout Shelter captures the essence of the Fallout universe so that all of us would-be wastelanders have something to play on the go. 

The addition of quests and pets since the last time I played have really taken Fallout Shelter to the next level in my book. Questing makes the game feel more like a true Fallout game instead of just another base-building game, and I’m sure my fellow Fallout fans appreciate that as much as I do. The ability to give your vault dwellers pets is also a welcome feature, although I admit I do have one gripe… there’s no cocker spaniel! There are numerous dog breeds available, but I just want to give one of my vault dwellers a happy little cocker spaniel. They aren’t in the game. Sad times.

Overall, Fallout Shelter is a delightful little mobile game to play, and I’m excited to see what Bethesda does with it in the future. The game is currently available for download on iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One. 


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