AtlantanKnight Blogs: Stargazing

Do you ever just take a moment to lay down at night and stare up at the stars? For me, the night sky represents the future. Someday, if we all work together to advance science and technology, people will be able to sit here at night on Earth and point to some of those specks of light in the night sky. They’ll point to those specks of light and say to their kids, “hey, you know there’s people living up there?” That’s the dream. The night sky is enthralling, and stargazing is a way to glimpse into the future.

I also love it because it’s a look into the past. Those lights up there I’m seeing aren’t today’s views. They’re the views from 15, 25, 50 years ago. Those stars are all so far away that their light takes many years to get here. It’s just crazy to think about. 

We think we’re so important down here on Earth, but we’ve not done anything yet. We sell ourselves short and take so much for granted. We need to be better so that one day, we can watch that first spaceship blast off towards another star, carrying humanity with it. This is what I think about when I look at the night sky, but when people ask me what I’m doing, I just call it stargazing. Maybe next time you look up at the night sky, you’ll start stargazing, too.



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