People Don’t Seem to Want to Read As Much in 2017 

Hey y’all, AtlantanKnight here.

I just want to take a minute to talk about a startling and disturbing trend I’ve been noticing: people my age (college age) don’t seem to want to read anymore. 

Maybe it’s the distractions? There’s so much to do everywhere now. Mankind has the world at its fingertips, and so many people seem to be shying away from the physical entertainment of literature in favor of Netflix. Why read A Song of Ice and Fire when you could just watch Game of Thrones instead? Most people probably don’t even know the name of the book series! Perhaps that’s not the best example I could have used since admittedly I’ve watched a few GoT episodes and never opened the books, but you see the point.

I’ve seen people ridiculed (myself included) by likewise intelligent individuals because of recreational reading. To me, that’s just abhorrent. Here we are, living in a world where it is apparently so unacceptable for people to want to read that, indeed, criticizing the more literate members of society has become accepted! 

The anti-intellectualist culture in America (and likely the world is growing). The signs are everywhere; this new wave of anti-reading culture amongst young adults is just one of many. We need to find solutions fast and create an intellectual counterculture before the entire country goes the way of perpetual 2016 elections and increasingly illiterate idiocracy. 


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