AtlantanKnight Blogs: Be Nice

Hey y’all, AtlantanKnight here. I’ve just got to get this out there because I feel like there’s a real problem nowadays. Be nice! It’s not hard, but no one seems to do it much anymore (myself included sometimes).

Being nice isn’t really an action; it’s a lifestyle. It’s an attitude. Being nice is the idea that you would willingly and voluntarily go out of your way to help someone without expecting anything in return. This “someone” could be a stranger or a friend, any age, any race, any sexuality, and any gender. It doesn’t matter who they are, but if they are a human being and need help, offer your help if you have any to give. If you can’t offer help, maybe offer a kind smile or some soothing words. Don’t be apathetic.

Apathy is one of the real problems. In Western culture, individualism is encouraged. While that’s a positive overall and does wonders for personal advancement, it hurts our mindsets. We don’t feel like helping anyone because it’s “not our problem.” Well, guess what? It is our problem. A stranger’s problem ought to be your problem.

Now, I’m not saying that we should be intrusive. If you offer assistance for any sort of problem and your offer is declined, that is their choice. Don’t press the issue. Just be on the lookout for the community around you. Help people out just a little bit, be nice, be a better person. If we all do this together, the world will become a little bit friendlier bit by bit.

It’s a culture change we need to change the mindset. Be independent, but take it upon yourself to help others that cannot help themselves. And with your friends, do them something nice every once in awhile. Make them smile. Encourage them. Just be nice.


2 thoughts on “AtlantanKnight Blogs: Be Nice

  1. I seriously love this post. Other people’s problems really are our problems, too; that’s part of living in a community. Being nice to other people shouldn’t be something we need to think about – it should just come naturally, but so often that’s not the case. ❤ Great post!!

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