The Top Ten History Youtube Channels in 2017

  • CrashCourse ~ CrashCourse is a longtime stalwart of Youtube’s educational community. They have videos on nearly every subject, and they have extensive World History and US History series which are taught by John Green, the famous author.
  • Epic History TV ~ This channel doesn’t post all that often, but when they do post, their videos have quality content. They have video series about Russia, the First Crusade, and American presidents.
  • Historia Civilis ~ With videos focusing on (but not limited to) Roman history, History Civilis is a good place to widen your understanding of the Roman Empire and Republic.
  • Invicta ~ So admittedly, this is a video game channel, but Invicta also posts some in-depth history videos every once-in-awhile. The gaming is mostly Total War anyway, and that’s already a history-focused series to begin with. Check this channel out if you’re a gamer who likes history.
  • The Great War ~ Indiana Neidell’s fantastic narration and fantastic content are the trademarks of this channel. The Great War focuses on World War I, retelling the stories of battles and other events exactly 100 years after they happened. With 670k subscribers, this is one of the most popular history-focused Youtube channels.
  • IT’S HISTORY ~ This is the second channel which benefits from the narrative skills of Indiana Neidell. It covers a wide range of history interests. After a hiatus lasting nearly two years, this channel is back in business. Now would probably be a good time to start watching.
  • The French Whisperer ~ Since it’s difficult to explain, I’ll not go into details about the concept of ASMR for those of you who are unfamiliar, but this is an ASMR channel with a historical core narrated in English by a French guy. It appears to be inactive now, but there are plenty of good videos there to watch already.
  • Real Crusades History ~ The title is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re interested in learning about the Crusades, this is the place.
  • Suibhne ~ I personally think this channel is just awesome. Suibhne posts animated videos which tell a country’s history. Due to the time required to animate a video, this channel posts infrequently, but the animation is a good change of pace compared to other history channels.
  • BazBattles ~ I saved my favorite for last. BazBattles is another channel with animated videos that gives the history of important battles based off of historical accounts. The battles are presented in a top-down tactical view which shows the arrangement of military units and their actions. BazBattles is a great channel for lovers of military history, and it can probably help you with your Total War gameplay, too.

This is just my personal list of 2017’s top 10 history channels on Youtube, and they’re in no particular order. If I missed one of your favorite channels, let me know so I can check it out sometime!


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