Chess is a Game That Everyone Should Learn How to Play

Chess is one of those games that no one really plays all that much anymore, but many people know how to play. The game of chess is over a thousand years old, and it still has a very sizable player base. There are also professional chess competitions. The person widely regarded as the world’s best player is the 26-year old Norwegian grandmaster, Magnus Carlsen. His net worth is estimated at $8 million.

A strategy game through-and-through, chess pits players’ analytical skills against each other. It’s a great game to play at the park or just inside with a friend on a rainy day. There are also a number of good resources to learn chess and play against people online. I personally use’s app, and it’s good because it has a variety of different modes to pit you against opponents of a similar skill level.

The best way to learn, however, is probably to watch videos online or watch someone in-person and have them teach the game to you. also has resources to teach you all of the basics if you want to know how to make basic moves, set up the board, etc.

Chess is one of those games that can bring people together. It has a long, rich history. It helps your brain get some needed exercise in a fun way. Learn how to play, and go to the park and find yourself an opponent next time you’re bored. You’ll enjoy it.


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