Sports in Space (#3): Archery

Archery is an Olympic sport, and since prehistoric times it has been one of humanity's main methods of hunting for food. While there certainly won't be any reason to hunt for food, there will still likely be people in space whose home nations extol the sport of archery, and these settlers will bring that tradition … Continue reading Sports in Space (#3): Archery


Bringing Life to Lifeless Rocks (Intro)

I've already touched upon the subject in a few other posts, but I'm starting a new series of content to describe how humanity will have to take non-human life from Earth along for the ride if it hopes to successfully establish self-sufficient colonies throughout the solar system (and beyond). These posts will look at transporting … Continue reading Bringing Life to Lifeless Rocks (Intro)

Sports in Space (#2): Fishing

This will be shorter than some of the other entries in this series, but I thought I'd take the time to address the crazy idea that you see in the title: fishing in space. Since this is the "sports in space" series, this means fishing for sport, not growing fish for food. However, in this … Continue reading Sports in Space (#2): Fishing

How Will Global Warming Affect Tropical Storm Systems?

Usually, when we think about global warming, we only think about things like "yeah maybe it'll get two or three degrees hotter" or "the sea levels will rise and Miami and New Orleans will be under water." Unfortunately, the real situation is worse than just sea level rise. Tropical storm systems (hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons) … Continue reading How Will Global Warming Affect Tropical Storm Systems?

How Will Early Space Colonial Governments Work?

In the 21st Century, we are almost guaranteed to see the human settlement of the Red Planet as well as the Moon. It's possible that we will also see the beginning of mining colonies in the asteroid belt. How will these people be governed?

Sports in Space (#1): Swimming

For the first official entry of the Sports in Space series (here's the intro post), I'd like to cover the sport of swimming.

How Will Sports Work in Space? (Intro)

As humanity branches out to the rest of the solar system and beyond, we will have to invent new sports or modify current ones as we adapt to our new environments.